Te Awa Lifecare

Te Awa Lifecare

Project Type
Retirement Village 

System Specification

The treatment system for Te Awa Lifecare was installed in two stages, the first stage was designed to treat a maximum daily volume of 18m3.  A couple of years later, as the village expanded, we also expanded our system for the additional flow requirements totaling a maximum daily volume of 44m3. A great example of how the AdvanTex® system can be staged to match the needs of each project.

Total system now installed:

  • Max Daily Volume: 44m³
  • 2 x Central Septic Tanks
  • 5 x Pumped Septic Tanks (STEP Tanks)
  • AdvanTex AX600 WWTP
  • 11,150sqm of dripline field


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Our company has been working with Innoflow Technologies for over 10 years in commercial and residential wastewater. Innoflow offer high quality, cost effective and low maintenance products. The team at Innoflow are experienced and knowledgeable and are my go to company for any onsite wastewater systems.

Scott Hansen

Hansen Drainage & Earthworks

Our drainage company has installed Innoflow's systems for 5+ years now. The team has been a pleasure to deal with, and nothing is a problem. They have the knowledge, and experience to achieve complete solutions for all clients. Innoflow systems are a high quality product which stand out from the rest. We look forward to helping them achieve more great results in our field.

Damon Taylor

TaylorMade Plumbing

I have been involved with Innoflow / Orenco systems since the mid 90’s when on-site treatment systems first started to appear in NZ. Since then, I have installed all types of systems and have even been overseas to look at different types of technologies. Based on my nearly 30 years of experience, I believe the Advantex treatment system is as good as it gets. To back that up, I have just installed one at my own new build and wouldn’t consider anything else. No other system/technology gives long term reliable performance, with minimal maintenance, low running costs and high-quality componentry that all together produces a very high level of treatment, while still being a good looking system visually once installed.

Sean Lynch

Clearflow Contracting

My practice specialises in wastewater treatment solutions for schools, marae, camping grounds and domestic dwellings. In my opinion the Advantex (USA) range of sewage treatment systems are the best designed and supported systems available in New Zealand. The design, construction and operation of the Advantex system process is superior to any other system process available and I have found that it can be relied upon to perform to the highest levels required by council and government regulations.

Dave Miller

Environmental Engineer