Single Dwelling

Single Dwelling

Depending on the size of your house and land, council requirements and ground conditions, you will need a wastewater treatment system and  effluent disposal method to suit, which is normally via a subsurface dripline field.

All onsite systems start with an underground septic tank (incorporated into our system) that receives wastewater from the house. From there, the raw sewage naturally separates into settled solids, floating material and liquid effluent, a process called primary treatment. 

This passive and reliable process completes 70% of the necessary wastewater treatment with no energy input. The fats and sludge remain in the primary tank for many years, while the AdvanTex® treatment process further cleans the water using naturally occurring bacteria, this is known as biological wastewater treatment.

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How to choose your product

For most single house residential applications, the go to system is our AX20 Package This is known as an advanced secondary treatment system. During normal use, our AX20 System can go 8-12 years between pump-outs. The patented Biotube® Pump Vault filters out solids, and our high quality, noncorroding pumps have a typical life expectancy of 15 years.

For holiday homes and small 1 or 2 bedroom houses you have the option of our AX15 System

Providing both primary and secondary treatment in one easily installed module, AdvanTex received an A+ rating at the Water NZ Onsite Effluent Testing (OSET) program for its high performance and low power consumption, it was the best performing system out of more than 40 systems tested since 2007. Results showed clearly that our system is 4-6 times cleaner for the environment than many other council approved systems on the market.