Over the last three decades, our team here at Innoflow have been involved with many wastewater treatment projects for communities and commercial projects throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

We work with the client from initial feasibility and design right through to delivering the project which includes full supply and installation and maintaining/servicing the system.

We have partnered with land developers, golf resorts, campgrounds, public toilets, marae and all types of commercial developments that demand a high standard of environmental quality, low maintenance needs, and a visually discreet look and odour-free operation. 

Where there are seasonal peaks, we design our wastewater systems so they are able to respond quickly to handle highly variable flows. There are several different approaches we can take when designing a system, and will always take into account the site characteristics and client needs, as well as our experiences from other similar projects.

When transporting wastewater from multiple locations across a development, the small-diameter collection lines that feed into our treatment system are well-suited for a variety of terrain. They can be installed with minimal excavation, as they are buried less than 90cm deep and designed to follow the contours of the land.

Installations into remote areas present a particular challenge, which we are well equipped to address with fully plumbed permanent or mobile solutions that can be trucked, shipped, or airlifted to site. 

Through our extensive network of industry contacts, we can also recommend professional consulting engineers to help get you through the consenting process.


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The seasonal nature of many tourist attractions means wastewater systems must be specifically designed to cope with fluctuating loads, as well as being robust, low risk and easily scalable for future growth.

Tourist ventures operating in remote, mountainous, or otherwise challenging locations require solutions that can handle extremes of weather and terrain, while consistently performing at a level that protects New Zealand’s precious environment.

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Marae & Papakāinga

A marae is a sacred meeting place for a community to gather, rejoice, and learn. Having a wastewater system that is discreet in appearance and operation is critical to honour the marae environment and community experience.

Innoflow has designed a system to cater for the highly fluctuating usage typical in a Marae, with buffering tanks to hold, balance and limit flows to the wastewater treatment plant.

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Food & Retail

Restaurants, wineries, and resort properties require wastewater systems that can start up quickly and handle highly variable flows. Systems must also operate quietly, produce no noticeable odour, and blend into the landscaping. 

In sensitive environments such as coastal areas, there is added stringency around managing discharge from commercial sites. Orenco’s AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use a multi-pass, packed-bed filter treatment technology that produces consistently high-quality treated effluent.

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Public Toilets and Campgrounds

Campgrounds, parks and conference centres are known for being very busy for short periods of the year, followed by periods of no use.

Having a wastewater system that will perform well despite intermittent usage, while producing no noise or smell, is critical to appropriately service these sites.

Innoflow has designed, installed and maintained wastewater systems for many public facilities throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

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Retirement Villages

Careful wastewater management and control of stormwater runoff are critical in high density developments such as retirement villages. Treatment systems may need to deal with wastewater from hundreds of villas, units and apartments. 

If land area is limited, treatment plants and effluent disposal fields may need to be located within residential garden or recreational areas. They need to blend into the landscaping and produce neither noise nor odours.

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Wastewater systems in schools must be designed to cope with a specific set of conditions, including high daytime use during term time, weeks of disuse during holidays, and potentially short but intense periods of demand during community events, gala 

Any solution for discharging treated effluent must allow the school to safely maintain valuable sports field and playground space and be easily scalable for future school roll growth.

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Commercial Facilities

Wastewater from commercial facilities, factories and offices that contain mainly toilets differs significantly from domestic wastewater.  Generally, we see a much higher organic loading so this must be taken into account when designing a suitable system.



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Other Applications

The range of applications for effective wastewater treatment is endless. AdvanTex systems have been installed in mining camps, power stations, RV parks, and even in the world’s first commercial spaceport. 

Some instalments are temporary and are uplifted and on-sold or re-used elsewhere when they are no longer needed. Whether permanent or mobile, our systems can produce treated effluent to a quality that meets the most stringent discharge limits and is suitable for irrigation or dust control.

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