If your home is not connected to a central (town) sewer, you will need an onsite wastewater system to treat and discharge domestic wastewater from your toilets, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. 

We understand the budget pressures that come with building or renovating a home. Every decision requires a balance between needing to keep costs in check and wanting reliable performance well into the future.

We build wastewater systems that are fit for purpose and will perform their role efficiently and discreetly for decades, even on the most difficult site. 

We supply both off-the-shelf and custom systems to treat domestic wastewater efficiently, sustainably and with care for the environment. Wastewater for individual homes can be managed with one of our AdvanTex® wastewater systems. 

Communities can be reticulated using pressurised liquid only sewers (Prelos™), which convey primary treated liquid from on-lot Prelos processor tanks to AdvanTex wastewater treatment plants.

Single Dwelling

We can supply an off-the-shelf package or custom design a system based on the size of your home, council requirements and site characteristics, 


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Multiple Dwelling

If you are building multiple houses in your small scale subdivision, you may want to consider a treatment system to cater for all the houses at once.  This gives you the benefit of not having to allow for treated effluent disposal on each site, and the main treatment plant can be placed elsewhere in your development.

The modular design of the Innoflow system means installations can be expanded if your development grows in the future, spreading out capital expenditure.

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Award-winning AdvanTex® treatment systems are a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for wastewater treatment and disposal in rural settlements and communities on the fringes of urban development.  

They can be installed in-ground, set above-ground, or partially bermed for a very low profile. Filtered effluent from each property’s on-lot tank is conveyed through shallowly-buried, small diameter collection lines to an AdvanTex® treatment facility.

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