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Managing Nitrogen

Concerned about Nitrogen levels?
We can help.

Innoflow has helped homeowners, councils, communities and commercial projects around NZ achieve success at managing nitrogen levels in treated effluent.

In some areas around NZ, and especially near sensitive waterways, you may find that you have a Nitrogen limit imposed on your discharge consent.  If you are a homeowner, we have an off the shelf package: our AX20 Mode 3 System which is set up for advanced nitrogen reduction.  Please log in to our online library to access all data sheets and testing results.

If you have a larger residential project or community development, campground, public toilet or other commercial development we can help as well.  We are able to work with both new developments and we can also upgrade existing systems or communities on older septic systems - check out our Piopio case study.  Our engineers will be able to assess your project on a specific basis and propose a tailored system that will meet even the most strict Nitrogen level requirements.

For further information or to discuss options for your project please get in touch with us. 

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about Nitrogen you can have a listen to this 20min Podcast about Nitrogen in our wastewater produced by Orenco Systems®