Public Toilets and Campgrounds

Public toilets and campgrounds

Campgrounds and parks are often located in pristine coastal, lakeside or mountain environments, and effective wastewater management is critical. With the need to protect drinking water supplies and avoid effluent overflows in peak seasons, treatment systems must perform to a high level year-round.

In most holiday spots, visitor numbers (and therefore wastewater flows) are highly variable. Treatment systems need to be able to respond quickly after periods of disuse and produce consistently high-quality filtrate despite sporadic flows.

Space is sometimes extremely limited, with a desire to keep as much land as possible free for campsites. In remote locations with limited local technical support, systems may need to run on solar power and must be low-maintenance and hassle free. 

These sites often present other challenges as well, including shallow or sandy soils, high water table, wide temperature fluctuations, and limited water supply. 

Innoflow has designed, installed, and maintained wastewater systems for many public facilities throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.