Food & Retail

Food & Retail

AdvanTex® technology is a proven solution for sewage treatment in the food & retail industry as they perform exceptionally well without ever coming to the attention of visitors.

Wastewater from facilities that contain restaurants and other food service outlets differs significantly from domestic wastewater. In addition to higher surge volumes during busy periods, and generally higher temperatures, restaurant wastewater contains a high density of grease, oil and food particles. 

Space constraints at retail developments can also mean wastewater systems are often located near public areas. Treatment plants must consistently meet strict discharge limits while producing no noticeable odour or noise, and should blend into the landscaping. It may also be necessary to reuse treated effluent for irrigation. 

Old wastewater systems may need to be replaced while the business remains open, and low operational costs and minimal maintenance are always key considerations. If future development is planned our AdvanTex® system is easily expandable.

Commercial AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use a multiple-pass, packed-bed reactor wastewater treatment technology that’s well-suited for food & retail applications where there is often a high-concentration of organic loading.