The aim of an on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system is to take all the wastewater from your house or development and treat it so that it is not a health hazard to you or the environment.  This is known as secondary or advanced secondary treatment (depending on technology used).  A septic tank only is known as primary treatment, all wastewater treatment systems still have a primary stage as the first part of the treatment process.

Requirements and site characteristics are different for each house, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

All our treatment systems are watertight with fully sealed lids and filtered ventilation to minimise any odours.

In an on-site system the effluent is spread over an area of ground called the disposal field.  This serves two purposes: soakage and treatment.  Soakage into the ground provides somewhere for the liquid from the wastewater to go.  Secondly, bacteria in the soil provide final treatment of the effluent so it is “healthy” before it reaches groundwater etc.  Usually the effluent is disposed into the land via subsurface dripline, or in some cases, depending on soil characteristics, a trench system can be designed to suit your site.

There are tens of thousands of systems using AdvanTex® technology installed throughout New Zealand and the world, backed up by decades of proven history in the field.  The principles of the technology are based on sound science and well understood.  The success and refinement of the system design is the result of a comprehensive research program, including sampling data, conducted over many years.

No. Our typical household treatment system costs about $6-8 per month in electricity.

For residential and commercial installations our service company S3 Ltd can provide routine service and maintenance. Through the use of Orenco’s VeriComm® Monitoring System, we can provide automated, round-the-clock, remote supervision to ensure optimal performance. For a community, sometimes the community or a utility will own the system and provide centralised maintenance backed up by S3 Ltd. Visit the S3 Website for more info

Yes we can. Our service company S3 Ltd can come out and do an assessment on any type of wastewater system and provide an audit report of for you.  S3 Ltd can also service and maintain any brand of wastewater system that you may have. Visit the S3 Website for more info.