Multiple Dwelling

Multiple Dwelling

If you are building mulitple houses in your small scale subdivision you may want to consider a treatment system to cater for all the houses at once.  This gives you the benefit of not having to allow for treated effluent disposal on each site, and the main treatment plant can be placed elsewhere in your development.

The modular design of the Innoflow system means installations can be expanded if your development grows in the future, spreading out capital expenditure.

We design wastewater treatment systems for subdivisions that will satisfy both the council’s most stringent environmental quality requirements and the developer’s desire for a discreet, scaleable, and cost-effective solution. 

If you have a main house and a minor dwelling, a larger standalone system like an AX40 may be an option, or if you are building a number of houses then our Prelos Community System would be more appropriate.

Pressurised liquid only sewers (Prelos™), which convey primary treated liquid from on-lot Prelos processor tanks to AdvanTex® wastewater treatment plants, provide key benefits to developers and homeowners.

The cost of the on-lot equipment is covered by the homeowner, no expensive pumping stations or manholes are needed, and collection lines are smaller than standard sewer lines. And because the lines are buried just below the frost line and follow the contours of the land, excavation costs and site disruption are greatly reduced. 

These systems are quiet, emit minimal odours, and have a very low profile, allowing them to blend into the landscaping. 


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AX100 for multiple dwellings.

Our most commonly installed unit for residential subdivisions is the AdvanTex AX100 pod.  It includes 9m2 (100 square feet) of textile and typically provides secondary treatment for 5,000-10,000 litres of domestic wastewater, depending on the strength of incoming wastewater and the desired level of treatment quality.

AX100 pods allow for scalable and modular construction, meaning if incoming flows expand or become more concentrated, additional pods can be added. The number of pods needed will depend on flow, strength of wastewater and the required treated effluent quality.