AdvanTex® AX20-RT

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AdvanTex® AX20-RT

For homes that already have an existing septic tank, the AdvanTex® AX20-RT is a retrofit secondary treatment unit which is lightweight, robust, and high performing. Rated up to 2000L per day, when connected to your septic tank it will provide a much higher level treatment than you will be getting from your current primary only treatment.


Up to 2000L per day

Energy Use

$6-to-$8 Per month

Treatment Quality 

Typical effluent quality:

BOD5 <15mg/L average and <20mg/L peak

TSS: <15mg/L average and <30mg/L peak


Height - 1829mm

Width - 1575mm

Length - 2591mm

Dry Weight - 426kg

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