AdvanTex® AX-Max

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AdvanTex® AX-Max

AdvanTex® AX-Max Treatment Systems are intended for large-flow and remote sites with space constraints and community applications that require an advanced secondary treatment system.

Since 2002, AdvanTex® Treatment Systems have been providing reliable, energy-efficient wastewater treatment inside and outside the urban core. AdvanTex textile filter technology has been winning awards and coming out on top in field trials and demo projects, all over the world.

The newest product in the AdvanTex line is the AX-Max™:
A completely-integrated, fully-plumbed, and compact wastewater treatment plant that’s ideal for commercial properties and communities. It’s also ideal for projects with strict discharge limits and remote sites.


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Energy Use

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Treatment Quality 

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Height - 2464mm

Width - 2286mm

Length -  4200mm - 12800mm

Dry Weight -  Variable, up to 5440kg

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